Ten Christmas Gifts for Aspiring Musicians 

With Christmas coming soon, it can be difficult to decide what to get everyone. Fortunately for anyone shopping for a musician, several options present themselves. This article will point out some items or services you may not have thought of while seeking to fill your musicians’ stockings.
  1. Music. If you at least have an understanding of the particular genre your musician is a fan of, you can always get them a digital album. Depending on the age involved in the performer or band, you may also be able to earn some brownie points by getting them a CD, a vinyl or even an 8-track; just make sure that they have the necessary equipment to play them.
  2. Musician’s Dice Ideal for singer-songwriters, these 12-sided dice feature a different key on each facet. Their purpose is to nudge creativity by encouraging the musician to perform or write a segment in a different chord.
  3. Concert DVDs. If you happen to know your musician’s favorite performer or band, you might want to see if that performer has released any videos of concert performances.
  4. An Instrument. If you know your musician wants to get into performing with an instrument or know that she could use something better, feel free to pull the trigger and get them that instrument. Just be sure to check that no one else has the same idea
  5. Lessons. While every performer could use some improvement, not every performer needs the same level of improvement. Paying for lessons from a competent instructor is a great way to continue your musician’s interests in music. Just make sure to research ratings before putting up the money; a poor instructor can lead to a great disdain for music.
  6. A Meeting with Their Musical Idol. While this is likely the priciest item on this list, arranging a meeting with your musician’s favorite performer can lead to life-changing memories.
  7. Headphones. A great pair of headphones can isolate a player’s sound so that your musician can better savor the music without bothering others’ peace.
  8. A Year’s Subscription to Prime Music or Google Play. If you know that your musician likes music but have no idea what sort of music she likes, consider getting her a subscription to one of these libraries of music. There is also the chance that she might discover a new band she’d never heard of.
  9. An External Hard Drive. Free up hard drive space by giving your musician a dedicated storage point for all of her musical files and content.
  10. Sound Dampening Barriers. These are ideal for recording because they minimize background sounds that might otherwise be captured during recording.

Whether you are shopping for someone interested in music or for a musician seeking improvement, at least one of the items on this list should have powered that light bulb. After all, no one said that Christmas presents must be physical objects.